Girls 2003-2004 A-AAA District Teams
District - 3

Name Grade School Position
Vanessa Darnell 12 Bernalillo GK
Courtney Stewart 11 Sandia Prep DEF
Marissa Wootton 9 Sandia Prep DEF
Maya Higgins 10 Sandia Prep DEF
Taryn Ward 11 Hope Christian DEF
Anne Joiner 11 Sandia Prep MID
Kelly Schiabor 11 Sandia Prep MID
Marcie Holland 11 Hope Christian MID
Sara Egbom 9 Hope Christian MID
Hayley Daunis 12 Hope Christian FWD
Krystle Kreider 12 Hope Christian FWD
Laura Parkinson 12 Sandia Prep FWD
Ramey Wilson 11 Sandia Prep FWD
Name Grade School Position
Kelsey McEachran 8 Hope Christian GK
Megan Arellano 9 East Mountain GK
Ashley Kirkpatrick 9 East Mountain DEF
Dani Alvarez 10 Hope Christian DEF
Jennifer Perez 11 Bernalillo DEF
Stefany Olivas 8 Bernalillo DEF
Amber Carey 10 Hope Christian MID
Christa Torneden 10 East Mountain MID
Jamie Ohrt 11 East Mountain MID
Lauren Riley 12 Sandia Prep MID
Roxanne Smith 12 Bernalillo MID
Jo Gonzales 8 Bernalillo FWD
Kayla Smith 9 East Mountain FWD
Player of the Year
Name Grade School Position
Kelly Schiabor 11 Sandia Prep MID
2nd leading goalscorer, leading playmaker, 2 way player, heart and soul of Sandia Prep
Hayley Daunis 12 Hope Christian FWD
Most dangerous finisher in AAA
Coach of the Year
Name School
Valerie Jameson Hope Christian
Ovrcame injuries to key players, has team in great position to compete for State Championship

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